Montez Press Radio:
A Word Misheard is a Thing Remade

June 2024–December 2024

Join us for the Montez Press Radio’s inaugural event as library residents: Walk with the Devil: MPR Live from Canal Projects hosted by MPR’s first sub-resident Fabiola Talavera, July 11, 2024, 7–10pm. RSVP here.

Montez Press Radio (MPR) is an experimental broadcasting and performance platform. Founded in 2018 with the goal of fostering greater discourse and interaction between artists, writers, and thinkers through the medium of radio, MPR invites different corners of the art world to connect with each other in person and on air—a place where media finally meets flesh. We’re drawn to art that exists in the unexpected, the authenticity of sharing without a script, the sounds of ideas in the making, conversation that forgets there’s an audience.

For the residency at Canal Projects, MPR invites collaborators with research based practices to produce serial radio programming about assimilation gone wrong, perfect mistranslations, and convenient misinterpretation. A reminder that a thing misheard is a thing remade.

MPR is taking the opportunity of this residency to cultivate in-person interactions around their programs, a change of pace from the virtual nature of their regular radio shows. In the library, visitors encounter a listening lounge with iPods loaded with past MPR programs that relate to the theme of mistranslations and misinterpretations.


Walk with the Devil with Fabiola Talavera

Rave New World with Michelle LHOOQ

Special Programs:

Walk with the Devil: MPR Live from Canal Projects with Fabiola Talavera„ Patrick Charpenel, Ignacio Gatica, Hueso Records and DJ MPeach.

The American Anthology of Flat Music with C. Spencer Yeh and Alec Sturgis, July 22, 2024

…stay tuned, more being announced soon!

Fabiola Talavera is a Mexico City-based independent curator, writer, archivist, cultural producer and a program curator, alongside Leah Whitman-Salkin, of Montez Press Radio’s Mexico City broadcasts. Her series Walk with the Devil will focus on the assimilation processes of first generation Latin American artists and cultural workers living in New York City. The title refers to what Cuban critic Gerardo Mosquera would describe as the often-fruitful pact made when historically colonized cultures digest the culture of colonizers. During her time in New York, through weekly broadcasted radio shows hosting a series of different guests, she will create an audio journal that questions what is recognized as Latin American in hegemonic cultural hubs, what it means to metaphorically speak English with these accents, how artistic production has been affected by contemporary art languages and political inclusion practices, the labels and stereotypes attached to this diaspora, and if there is such a thing as a cohesive identity when living in a highly globalized world.

Michelle Lhooq is an LA-based journalist and a writer focused on music, psychedelia, counterculture, and spirituality. Her series Rave New World, based on her newsletter of the same name, will look at the movement of rave culture from its origin in Detroit to the furthest reaches of the globe, asking what its legacy can offer in varying national, political, social contexts. Her contributions will span the duration of MPR’s residency as she spends 2024 traveling to underground parties and psychedelic gatherings in places like Detroit, rural Texas, New York City, Berlin, and Budapest.

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