Canal Projects is a non-profit contemporary art institution dedicated to supporting forward-thinking international artists at pivotal moments in their careers. Through production, exhibition, research and interpretation of this work we intend to foster artistic practices that challenge and reflect on the current moment.

Canal Projects is generously supported by the YS Kim Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization that provides general support grants and implements innovative programs to help underrepresented and emerging artists and their communities thrive. YS Kim Foundation envisions a world where people and communities grow and flourish with culture, creativity, opportunities, and connection. Its mission is to support, mobilize, and open new pathways of success for artists, children, young leaders, communities, and organizations. It does this by starting new initiatives and providing grants and scholarships to organizations and students.


  • Summer Guthery
    Artistic Director
  • Andrew Lee
    Gallery Operations Manager
  • Sara Garzón
    Assistant Curator
  • Maya Hayda
    Gallery Assistant

Board of Managers

  • April Bang
  • Jenny Chang
  • Charles Kim
  • James Kim
  • Jean Kim

Advisory Board

  • Eleanor Hyun
  • Margarette Lee
  • Sook-Kyung Lee
  • Melissa Passman



Opening September 29, 2022, Canal Projects is a new nonprofit visual arts organization dedicated to supporting forward-thinking local and international artists at pivotal moments in their careers. Spanning two floors and a special projects library, this contemporary art center will foster long-term collaborations with artists focusing on newly-commissioned and site-specific artworks. Alongside exhibitions, Canal Projects will host performances, readings, and screenings as well as a library programmed by a rotating series of artists and collectives.

Canal Projects is located at 351 Canal Street in Downtown New York. We will open our space to the public with regular hours on September 29, 2022. If you have questions or need information for press coverage please reach out to us by email.



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